Telos Marina, Designed by Eugene Tssui


Kyung Lee

Consulting Editor
Jennifer Chinlund

Consulting Producer
George Csicsery

Original Music
Luke Wyland

Sound Edit and Mix
Philip Perkins

Color Finishing
Gary Coates

Associate Producer
Emily Park

Supporting Producer
Linda Y. Chan

Additional Sound
Elizabeth Freese-Cabrera

Additional Camera
Joe Harrison, III

Release Strategist
Gail Silva

Eugene Tssui

3D renderings
Derick Lee
Shenzhen City CHR DAO
Tsui Design and Research

Production Assistant
Donghoon Han

Foundation Support
Berkeley Film Foundation

BFF logo

Fiscal Sponsor
San Francisco Film Society

Telos Marina, 1989 - 1990

Brisbane, California
Telos, which means "purposefulness" in Greek, is unlike most theme parks; its goal is to thrill the public by educating people about the most outstanding ideas of our time. The marina, one of the most exciting aspects of the park contains restaurants, docks for all sizes of nautical vehicles including submarines, and winglike canopies that extend or fold up according to the weather.