George Paul CsicseryConsulting Producer

GEORGE PAUL CSICSERY, a writer and independent filmmaker, has produced 32 documentaries on historical, ethnographic, and cultural and mathematical subjects, including “Where the Heart Roams” (1987), “Hungry for Monsters” (2003), “Troop 214” (2008). “The Thursday Club” (2005), and “Songs Along A Stony Road” (2011).

His screenplay “Alderman’s Story,” about events surrounding King Philip’s War, was awarded first prize at the Rhode Island International Film Festival Screenplay Competition (2005).

His films on mathematical subjects include “N is a Number: A Portrait of Paul Erdős” (1993), which received extensive television distribution in the U. S. and abroad, including on the Sundance Channel, and public television syndication via APT. “Taking the Long View: The Life of Shiing-shen Chern” (2011), a portrait of mathematician S. S. Chern produced for his centenary celebrations with MSRI is about to be broadcast on public television stations via NETA. “Hard Problems: The Road to the World’s Toughest Math Contest” (2008) tells the story of the 2006 U.S. team at the International Mathematical Olympiad. It was produced by the Mathematical Association of America and broadcast through APT in 2009. “Julia Robinson and Hilbert’s Tenth Problem” (2008), a biographical doc about a pioneer woman in American mathematics, was narrated by Danica McKellar, and broadcast via APT.

In 2009 George Csicsery was awarded the Joint Policy Board for Mathematics (JPBM) Communications Award for bringing mathematics to nonmathematical audiences. Since 2010 he has produced 30 long-form biographical interviews for the Simons Foundation Science Lives series.